Below is our list of frequently asked questions:

Drowning is the second-leading cause of death for children ages 1 to 19, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. New data from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission finds children between the ages of 1 and 2 represent 47% of submersion injuries and 53% of fatalities for children younger than 15. Of all preschoolers who drown, 70% are in the care of one or both parents at the time and 75% are missing from sight for five minutes or less. A swimming pool is 14 times more likely than a motor vehicle to be involved in the death of a child age 4 and under. Because of these statistics, the business of helping your child learn to swim is an important one. Enrolling your child in swimming lessons is a lifetime investment.

Bridgewater Swim Academy focuses on one-on-one instruction, which is the most effective style of instruction. While students are allowed to develop at their own pace, we place emphasis on quickly mastering safety skills and excellent swimming techniques. By encouraging our students to attend multiple lessons each week, they are able to practice, reinforce, and retain their skills and advance at a faster rate.

Bridgewater Swim Academy
161 Country Estates, Suite 3
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  • Swim suit
  • Towels
  • Swim diaper if not potty trained

No. We only offer private (1:1 student/teacher ratio) and semi-private (2:1 student/teacher ratio)

We would not recommend children who are not of similar swim ability or age to swim in a semi-private lesson together as this would not be beneficial to either. Children of various ages, learn at different levels. In addition a large disparity in age and swim ability, a 30-minute semi-private lesson would not be the best use of time for each child.

Yes, private and semi-private lessons are offered.

Yes, we do. Our instructors will help you work toward your own personal goal and will guide you in the areas in which you want to improve.

Yes, Our team is currently trained in instruction for children with disabilities.

It’s not unusual for a child to cry at swim lessons especially with young children. Our instructors understand the nature of a child’s fear and are experienced with calming children and will help your child conquer the fear. Many times a simple reassureance makes all the difference.

We would not recommend children who have not had lessons previously, or who are scared take semi-private essons. If the children do sign up for lessons together, the instructor may choose to have the children swim separately, for 50% of the lesson at a time, until they can both be comfortable and safe in the water, together.

We do not suggest getting into the water during your child’s lesson with us. Our instructors understand the nature of a child’s fear and are experienced with calming children and will help your child conquer the fear. Many times a simple reassurance makes all the difference.

No, we do not.

Bridgewater Swim Academy does not offer trial lessons, instead we suggest you come in for a visit and watch a class.

The easiest way to register for a class is to register online by using our online registration form:
or you can download a form by clicking the big yellow button below.

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Send the registration form to:
Bridgewater Swim Academy
161 Country Estates
Suite 3
Reno, NV 89511-4045

The following prices are effective as of January 1st, 2020


1 Session – Private lessons: $376
8 x 30 minute lessons of 1:1 student/teacher ratio

1 Session – Semi-private lessons: $232 per child
8 x 30 minute lessons of 2:1 student/teacher ratio

We require a commitment per student of a minimum of 1 session (8 scheduled lessons), so no, we will not pro rate sessions.

No, we do not accept credit cards at this time. We currently accept either checks, electronic payments such as “Bill Pay” or cash. Please contact our business office at 1.650.740.3003 for information for electronic payment information.

Payments can either be left in our drop box or mailed to us at: 161 Country Estates Suite 3, Reno Nevada 89511

Payment is due three days prior to the start of the first scheduled lesson of a new session. If we have not received payment once the session begins, we reserve the right to cancel the lesson and/or session without granting a make up.