At Bridgewater Swim Academy in Reno, we offer personalized private or semi-private swim instruction taught by certified, experienced and committed instructors.


Bridgewater Swim Academy focuses on one-on-one instruction, which is the most effective style of instruction. We are trained to work with students of all ages and stages.


Bridgewater Swim School Reno Nevada Swim Team
At Bridgewater Swim Academy, our swim instructors are professional, experienced, CPR certified and trained to work with students of all ages and stages.


Bridgewater Swim Lessons School Reno Nevada

Bridgewater Swim Academy is a family owned and operated business that is committed to giving you the best quality service and the attention you deserve.


What Makes Us Different:  

Superior Swim Instruction

Bridgewater Swim Academy focuses on one-on-one instruction, which is the most effective style of instruction. While students are allowed to develop at their own pace, we place an emphasis on quickly mastering safety skills and excellent swimming techniques. By encouraging our students to attend multiple lessons each week, they are able to practice, reinforce, and retain their skills and advance at a faster rate.

Our semi-private sessions offer a 2:1 student to instructor ratio. Keeping classes small promotes maximum learning for all students.  The program moves at your child’s pace.

Highly Trained & Certified Instructors

In addition, all of Bridgewater’s highly-trained and certified instructors have been or currently are competitive swimmers. They stress correct technique and enjoy teaching students of all ages proper skills that enable them to safely enjoy the many benefits of swimming.

State-of-the-Art Facility

Our State-Of-The-Art facility offers a 20 yard pool with water temp between 85-90 degrees. We have found that our students learn best when they are comfortable, therefore, our  pool is heated year round to keep our swimmers warm and engaged. We also offer family changing rooms with showers where parents can quickly and easily assist their children with changing into or out of their swimsuits.

Special Lessons

Our Special Abilities swim lessons are specifically designed for children with special needs. Our instructors are trained to teach students with special abilities. Our developmental swim lessons provides a positive outlook and emphasis on the strengths and unique attributes of each swimmer. Our lessons focus on water education, developing water safety and swimming skills. Each lesson is customized for each child’s emotional and developmental abilities, with the goal to help each child become physically active, build self-confidence and self esteem while learning the life-saving skill of swimming.

Rave Reviews

My son had the good fortune of working with Holly on his stroke technique starting at a very early age. Not only is Holly technically very capable, she is warm and patient with the children and finds ways to adapt to the unique personalities of each child. Holly helped my son to take his swimming to the next level and to prepare him for a competitive team. Not only did she help him hone his skills but she took a genuine interest in his development and success.
Holly is passionate about teaching the sport and her passion infused the technique and the attitudes of all the instructors. We continue to be highly impressed with the skills our son has learned. Additionally, many years ago, Holly played a key role in teaching two of our older children to swim- again in a fun, efficient and effective manner. Within four lessons our daughter went from doggy paddling to being completely water safe. My children loved their lessons with Holly!
We feel so blessed that our paths crossed with Holly Sprague. She is an incredible swim coach that provided our kids with wonderful individualized swim lessons this summer. Each swim meet our son swam faster and more precise thanks to Holly’s individualized instruction and techniques. Holly is positive, enthusiastic, patient, professional and motivating to kids. She is passionate about what she does. Holly provides a happy, supportive and fun learning environment!
I would like to recognize BSA for their incredible technique and ability to instruct children to swim.  Our now three-year-old son started late summer of 2018 with BSA and continues weekly lessons practicing skills and continuously building on the previous lesson.  We have the confidence and trust in Bridgewater’s owner, Holly Sprague with her approach to early childhood learning and the gift with small children in the water.Without a doubt, we will have a water safe and swimming child by 2019.  This is a lifetime investment I recommend to any Reno family lucky enough to schedule 
Linda has been coaching my son since he was 2.5 years old.  He is doing so well and anticipates every lesson.  Linda is an amazing coach, she knows how to set the rules with small kids and still makes sure they have fun!! When I see her and my son together it sometimes reminds me of his grandmother at play time.  PRICELESS! 
Tammy R
Linda has been the most incredible teacher, not only of swim but life.  Her experience is unbeatable, her love for every child shines, plus her intuition helps her be the best teacher.  We love Linda.
Samantha S

Linda is amazing!  Tyler loves playing with her in the water.  He has become very comfortable and trusts her to teach him.  He wouldn’t be as happy in the pool without her teachings.  


THANK YOU!!!! We had the BEST time today for Shay’s first swim lesson. Mackenzie is incredible.

Very grateful we found your swim school!!

Shay is nonstop talking about her time today.